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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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it has tied into a stream and one of your pitches might make a connection join the global conversation. this time on al-jazeera. has decided to break with tradition and trying to sell competitively maybe not that we want to present a positive image and to use this to your typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be. a woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong omani people are al jazeera world meets the first female same crew in the gulf sailing stars at this time on al-jazeera. and the war of words between the u.s. and north korea no sign either side willing to back down.
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on sammy's a down this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. celebrations in and of below across iraq ico to the stand by the way forward for iraq's kurds manes unclear. i've got a daughter we don't have live in this world. the wral between the u.s. president an american version of the athletes continues. plus we'll look at how the anti immigration f.t.v. party gained a foothold in the german parliament. now north korea's foreign minister is accusing the us president donald trump of declaring war he says his country now has the right to shoot down american warplanes the accusation is in response to a tweet by the. north korea's leadership quote won't be around much longer if it
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continues its rhetoric other when i think editor james bays has more. as he left his hotel heading out of new york north korea's foreign minister really young ho addressed reporters with a statement that further ramps up the tension with the u.s. . last weekend trump claiming that our leadership wouldn't be around much longer and hence at last he declared a war no country or do you like the more that given the fact that this comes from someone who is currently holding the seat of the united states presidency this is clearly a declaration of war his latest comments go further than his address to the u.n. general assembly two days earlier he was clearly responding to president trump's tweet after that speech in which he referred to little rocket man and warned they may not be around much longer he also referred to u.s. show of force which took place just before he spoke on saturday u.s. fighter jets and b.
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one bombers flying close to north korea's eastern coast but still over international waters can be will be years when. since the u.s. declared war in our country we will have every right to make ken a measures including the right to shoot down the united states strategic bombers even when they're not yet inside the airspace of our country throughout. the foreign minister . said many things last week and this week. the japanese ambassador to the united nations among those who wouldn't publicly dignify the comments of the north korean foreign minister with a response diplomats are hoping there can be a poor's in the war of words bartz with the constant provocations coming from north korea and the instant replies on twitter from president trump that seems a little unlikely james bays out zero at the united nations the u.s. government says it's not seeking to overthrow the north korean government it's also
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rejecting pyongyang's characterization of president trump's tweet as a declaration of war. we've not declared war on north korea and frankly the suggestion of that is absurd it's never appropriate for a country to shoot down another country's aircraft when it's over international waters our goal is still the same we continue to seek the peaceful the nuclearization of the korean peninsula that's our focus doing that through both the most maximum economic and diplomatic pressures as possible at this point. now iraq is refusing to hold talks with the kurdish regional government about the results of monday's controversial secession referendum the iraqi prime minister called the vote unconstitutional during a televised address the polls closed. hundreds of kurds took to the streets to celebrate the end of voting nevertheless paul is expected to produce our comfortable win for the procession campaign it's nonbinding
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referendum is fiercely opposed by iraq and its neighbors. could provoke conflict. has been speaking to kurds about what historic vote means to them. it's a day. they had hoped to see in their lifetime so eager to be the first to cast their ballots suzanne was so excited about the referendum she had a restless night. is the first time she's been able to vote. i am so happy i wanted to be one of the first ones here i only slept for three hours this is a historic day for us it's not the first time it has voted but he too was in early he does his blue finger was pride. i have voted in presidential and parliamentary elections before but this is the most important one because it's about independence . everyone kurds arabs syrians you know everyone who needs safety
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wants to live in freedom. similar scenes will be repeated around the kurdish region people streaming into polling stations however they could potentially in areas where the kurdish president. has a strong foothold so happy to. devote also went to cook despite fears it could further alienate. nearly half of the city's population who feel they have been marginalized by the kurds so this is the ballot. everything on the ballot is written in three other languages arabic assyrian. the regional government sending
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a message to the future. will be inclusive. but william benjamin is not convinced he's a christian and has voted no. the same interest in us and other political events before this referendum is just a way to lure the minority we respect their promises but until now they've not respected all rights and every reason the history of this land excluding all part of. the kurdish president has said that it's time to end the failed partnership with baghdad a message that resonates among kurds who hope that this is the day that they write what they consider to be. taking over the disputed territories but. those who feel history is repeating itself this time. under simmons has been following developments just over the border in turkey where opposition has been strong. as iraqi kurds took part in their historic vote here
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on the iraq turkey border the symbolism of conflict and russia type two on the turkish president using hostile words again and accusing the kurdish leadership of opportunism this is what he had to say. our armed forces are on the borders with iraq to do whatever it takes iran is well we'll do whatever it takes our air force stands ready we will never allow anyone or anything to go from turkey to iraq this week we will adopt so many other measures will close the borders nothing to go across the border. after the president spoke officials clarified what he said saying that there was a list of actions which was being rolled out over the coming days if not weeks the president also went on to say that the oil flow from kurdistan that's more than a half a million barrels of oil
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a day in the pipeline that runs through turkey could be stopped just like that and what would the kurds do then who would they sell their oil to now the prime minister but not a yield to him also spoke he was more measured calmer in his tones and he said that the exercise here was not to be read as an act of war as confrontation with the kurds he said that there could be dialogue but he also was bitter about what the kurdish leadership was doing suggesting that in bad times they'd been helped out and now this he said that there could be small or possibly large action from the military but this would be on measured ground location focused as it is with syria he also said that the number of other measures may be taken that issue of the border here and whether it's closed it's slightly unclear but it could be that it will be closed in one direction first and the other later on that along with other
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measures which could not only hurt the kurds but also hurt turkey with its economy . the u.s. president on transfer out with the national football league shows no sign of easing dozens of n.f.l. players coaches even some owners and joined in protest against trump's call for a boycott he suggested players who now during the national anthem were disrespecting the u.s. flag from browns as the latest. president donald trump's feud with professional american football players moved from stadiums on sunday to the u.s. capitol on monday to separate who said about these men. and what they are doing these mostly like men but also when. they use the term. s.o.b. it is beneath them. should be the need the deaths of the president of the united states of america the dispute began last year when san
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francisco quarterback call in caper nick initially refused to stand during the playing of the national anthem he said he was protesting police brutality and the killings of african-americans by police officers at that son of. last week trump used a vulgar epithet to denounce players who also refused to stand during the song urged team owners to summarily fire them and then called on fans to boycott games of teams that refused to do so but on sunday hundreds of players either refused to stand linked arms in solidarity or declined to come on the field until the anthem was over people say it's encouraging patriotic but it's unpatriotic of the president respected are the right players in other sports also knelt during the anthem several team owners voiced support for players exercising their right of free speech as did democrats in congress people are forgetting like collin kaplan
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it did it from the beginning it was not to be disrespectful of the flag or of america it was about first amendment rights and also people being killed in the street black and brown the white house fired back it's always appropriate for the president of this country to promote our flag to promote our national anthem and ask people to respect that some football fans saw the quarrel as an unnecessary distraction we're here to see a game that's what we're trying to do just watch a sporting event you know from our everyday lives and just relax and have a good time. the anthem also known as the star-spangled banner was written in eighteen fourteen to celebrate a victory over invading british forces near baltimore it was made the official national anthem in one thousand nine hundred thirty one it celebrates the american flag which plays an outsized role in the u.s.
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compared with most other countries as a patriotic symbol those symbols are meant to promote unity but they are now tokens of division further incited by a president who seems to revel in controversy robert oulds al-jazeera. still ahead an al-jazeera watching running of villages from just across the border in bangladesh and from texas to the caribbean the struggle to recover from the devastating series of horrors. hello the u.s. mainland is still being affected by hurricane type weather in fact the tropical storm watch out for north carolina because maria is still hearing that you're screwed out of the ocean but the outer bands of the strong winds are still
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affecting the outer banks north carolina including cape hatteras they will be of course waves and bands of thunderstorms as bad because flooding just be a little bit dodgy but then after that it's a lot quieten to get it's very obvious band that stretches from texas all beyond that to the just across the border into mexico through the midwest and towards western side of terror that's a division in weather type it certainly brings rain sometimes thunderstorms the other side of it's nice and quiet you see sort of a separate come wednesday pacific coast is quiet all this time they have a quick look at temperatures because they have been making something of a noise this orange which of course is warm stretches all the way from texas not a surprise right up to eastern side of ontario more of a surprise was a twenty seven toronto twenty six was back in the middle thirty's or lisa lopes that is in the last few days there's been a run above twenty five which is quite outstanding for this time of the year and this we look at now is wednesday so the heat wave almost that continues at least
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pleasant weather until then. with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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a comeback you want to see a time to recap headlines north korea's foreign minister is accusing us president of declaring war claiming pyongyang has the right to shoot down american bombers the white house has dismissed the suggestion it's declared war though as. hundreds of kurds in northern iraq have taken to the streets to celebrate the end of a controversial secession referendum the central government in baghdad says it won't hold talks with the kurdistan regional government about the results. u.s. president on trans rao with the national football league has stretched into a fifth day more players coaches and owners joined in protest against trump's call for a boycott he says players who refused to stand for the national anthem should be sacked . in the u.s. president says photo rico is in deep trouble after being hit by hurricane maria the
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governor of puerto rico is calling on washington to urgently address the needs of the u.s. territory poll challenged. and reforms. thousands of stranded tourists and puerto rican suffield international airport hoping for seat on a commercial airline to get off the island many of the passengers are frustrated because of the lack of food and water and the sweltering heat today and they can't be is that. sleeping on the floor without air conditioning it's horrible and i have to sleep here again it's very frustrating. that frustration also extends to other goods and services such as fuel supplies puerto ricans have been queuing for hours for petrol to supply their vehicles and generators. doctors and nurses are also struggling as they try to treat thousands of patients lack of fresh water is expected to increase gastrointestinal diseases and fire infections i mean you know
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more you mean the number of patients is increasing and more people are getting injured as they try to clean up. there are also long lines at some grocery stores but there aren't enough supplies and with a fake id for that we hope to receive more emotion die soon so we can provide for our customers russian and our supplies so we can give something to everyone to extend what we have left meanwhile the u.s. government has started sending in relief supplies but it's estimated it will cost some thirty billion dollars to fix storm damage in a territory that was already coping with empty coffers and seventy billion dollars in debts. zero. time is running out for people believed to be trapped under rubble off to mexico's earthquake the seven point one quake struck a week ago devastating the nation's capital and surrounding regions where the death toll this apostrophe hundred continues to rise but some families continue moving
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their loved ones may be rescued alive i did jocasta reports from mexico city. the sign reads adrian you are a warrior your family is waiting the twenty six year old had just started his job in human resources two weeks before the earthquake he was working on the fourth floor of this office building when it collapsed i spoke with his family two days ago when his brother expressed optimism his d.v.m. would believe his find that he ripped it out of these would not problem here will be rescued but now after a week of waiting their faces show anguish the families the police have understandably no longer want to give interviews i did speak with a mother off camera with tears in her eyes were asked what would be the use she says in the early days they spoke with the press hoping you would bring one resources to the rescue now that it's time for for every she says they just go to.
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the families vigil continues at the makeshift camp as more bodies were pulled out overnight still some forty names remain on the list of the missing. i mean yes. i like the family wish we could work faster but they must understand the risks we have to weigh the risks against the possibility of reaching possible survivors. meanwhile donation centers once packed with volunteers who stood shoulder to shoulder have been doubt much of mexico city is returning to school or work but for these families desperate for a miracle life may never be the same how did you castro al-jazeera mexico city. hundreds of families have been moved from their homes as a wildfire threatens the u.s. state of california more than two hundred firefighters are battling the blaze near the city of corona several lanes of
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a highway were closed when smoke from the fire affected driving now cambodia's jailed opposition leader comes is challenging the legality of his detention before an appeal court so a car was arrested earlier this month and charged with treason he's accused of plotting against the government the prime minister western countries and human rights groups have condemned the arrest james gomez is amnesty international's regional director for southeast asia and the pacific he says so cause trial is an example of injustice in cambodian courts. he has essentially been you know held and arrested on trumped up charges poly men as remove impunity from him and the thing is that he's not even physically present. to challenge this case so amnesty international you know considered this is a travesty of justice what we want is an immediate and unconditional release of kim
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so however what's happening. is part of a synchronize pattern of what's happening in cambodia in the last few months several ministries such as the ministry of interior the ministry of information the ministry of home affairs i see one of the general department of taxation have single being jointly moved to cup opposition party activities. the free press and n.g.o.s for example the situation room a coalition of election monitoring n.g.o.s. simply forced to disband following orders from the ministry of interior interior citing and geo laws similarly several n.g.o.s were also called in for questioning due to import from the general department of taxation and their sources of funding and finally n.d.i. was forced to shut his office from a directive from the ministry of foreign affairs and so on so you see here
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a class of you know civil society groups evolving election monitoring you know being taken to task the united nations is called the road accidents for men not to bangladesh the most urgent refugee emergency in the world new video shows how fast refugee camps in bangladesh are spreading more than four hundred thirty thousand refugees have fled from me in ma many live in makeshift shelters the reports from the bangladeshi border post where burning rangar villages can be seen in the. this is as close as we can get to the right kind states where an ethnic cleansing is currently happening just moments ago we saw villages burn in the distance it's through this land border between me and moore in bangladesh that a few weeks ago hundreds of thousands of ranches crossed the border since the more security forces have put up barbed wire fencing and planted land mines on the border the general in charge of this clearing operation says that all its citizens
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are welcome back to me and more except ranges who are considered illegal immigrants by and gone. but for bangladesh these ranges that are in camps here belong to me and more and they have to go back home bangladesh has deployed its military on its border its beefed up its presence with border guards increasing their patrol on the border area the relationship between young gone and hockey is at its lowest point yangon refuses to recognize ranges bangladesh wants the un to mediate the return of these very him to their homeland meanwhile this border is getting increasingly tense as there is more and more military presence being deployed here and investigation by human rights watch has found u.s. flight coalition strikes on two i still held towns in syria in march killed eighty
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four civilians including dozens of children the aid group was also found no precautions were taken to minimize the number of civilian deaths i'm just tired reports from beirut. the devastation caused by the march twentieth strike is clear to see it targeted a school being used as a shelter by internally displaced syrians so too is the destruction of a busy marketplace two days later both attacks were carried out by the u.s. led coalition in and around the towns of months and which are close to the city of raka once the cleric by eisel as the armed groups capital investigators from human rights watch visited the sites in july to survey the damage and to interview survivors. when the strike happened we were all sleeping the whole school shocked because of the strike the second strike killed my mother and all my brothers as well as my uncles. investigators say they have collected the names of at least
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eighty four civilians who were killed in the bombings including thirty children and warned that number could be much higher as it's believed many bodies remain buried under the rubble the u.s. led coalition against which includes the syrian democratic forces a collection of arab been mostly kurdish fighters has acknowledged carrying out the airstrike against a school claiming it was a suspected weapons storage facility officials say they're still investigating the circumstances surrounding the marketplace bonnie human rights watch is forty two page report called all feasible precautions civilian casualties in anti isis coalition air strikes in syria say both strikes raise serious questions about the us is commitment to preventing civilian deaths we know the president trying to order the military to delegate authority to who strides to a lower level. and we are concerned that this would have contributed to the higher
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civilian death toll that we have been that we have documented you know it's difficult to imagine lowering the threshold or the delegating the authority to a lower level would not have. in the past few months u.s. led forces have carried out a number of strikes that have hit markets schools and mosques in syria and iraq in june united nations officials said there had been a staggering loss of life particularly during the offensive to retake the city of raka and the surrounding areas a fight which is still ongoing in al-jazeera beirut wilbur's bosses apologized for past mistakes as the firm's for fights a decision by london not to renew the taxi service license chief executive. promised changes after persons capital transport regulated deemed unfit to run writing in an open letter he said while obama has revolutionized the way people
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move in cities around the world it's equally true that we've got things wrong along the way on behalf of everyone that globally i apologize for the mistakes we've made as german politicians analyze the results of sunday's election many are wondering how a far right groups surged into third place german chancellor angela merkel won her fourth term but the anti immigrant a.f.d. party seized one million votes from her conservatives and then barbara visited the eastern city of dresden to find out. from the beginning he's just twenty five but he's already risen up the party structure julian visa and joined the f.t. or alternative to germany when it started four years ago now it's grown to become the third largest party in parliament it's also being called dangerous and democratic and racist as. i see the f.t.
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as a respectable conservative party with plenty of liberal ideas it's going to great lengths to represent this if you point in the dry theory line between itself and far right attitudes that's the only way it can be successful. here in dazed and in eastern germany the party has solid support in fact in this region saxony the f.t. received more votes than any other party frank going to get born locally just after the second world war says many people here feel neglected by the traditional parties but the a.f.p. has also been boosted by chancellor merkel's decision to let in hundreds of thousands of refugees two years ago here b i n one i think asylum seekers and immigrants are treated better than people on low incomes and the f.t. brings that out into the open and given the a.f.p. success here you'd think it would be easy to find people who voted for it but you'd be wrong quite a while trying to find an a.f.p. supporter will explain their choice to us but we simply haven't found anybody who
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like mitt on camera to voting for the party but what about in the working class suburbs here we did find one unashamed voter. i feel left behind but never understands me that was disturbing me this couple say they didn't vote but think many people back to the f.t. for reasons other than immigration against i think it was just a protest yes. and when al jazeera asked foreigners living here if the a.f.p. success worried them they sound so was typical. and whatever happens i think germany will remain a good to your credit country. it will be your main towards refugees whoever is in power. that's certainly a hope shared by a majority of german voters what's less clear is how much pressure the newly strengthened will exert on the government to toughen its line with al-jazeera dresden.
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and time to take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now north korea's foreign minister is accusing the us president of declaring war saying pyongyang has the right to shoot down american bombers now the white house has dismissed the suggestion as absurd. last weekend claim that our leadership wouldn't be around much longer and he declared war on our country. the fact that this comes from the united states president is clearly a declaration of war. since the united states declared war on our country we have every right to make counter measures including the right to shoot down united states strategic bombers even when they're not yet inside north korea in space iraq is refusing to hold talks with the kurdish regional government about the results of monday's controversial secession referendum the iraqi prime minister called the vote unconstitutional during
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a televised address after polls closed. roads of kurds took to the streets to celebrate the end of voting nevertheless poll is expected to produce a comfortable win for the procession campaign although it's nonbinding. u.s. president on transfer raul with the national football league is stretched into a fifth day more players coaches and owners joined in protest against trump's call for a boycott he says players who refused to stand for the national anthem should be sacked . cambodia's jailed opposition leader. challenging the legality of his detention was arrested earlier this month and charged with treason he's accused of plotting against the government the prime minister saying western countries and human rights groups have condemned the. united nations is called the.
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rakhine state to bangladesh the most urgent refugee crisis in the world new video shows how fast scams in bangladesh are spreading its witness now stay with us here. on counting the cost germany's outlook it's europe's largest body fracturing economy but is it in the slow lane when it comes to the digital economy we'll talk to swiss re about insuring for climate change plus can we stop companies from using our internet data without. counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera .


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